Tailor made volunteering opportunities

The idea behind 'tailor made' volunteering is simple but effective. We find you a volunteering position that matches with your education, skills and interests. Usually, this only has to take a week or two.


Instead of advertising a volunteering position to you, we advertise your skills to our projects. You tell us about your education, employment history and interests and our projects in BoHU find you a volunteering position which enables you to draw upon these skills. We maintain an extensive network of projects and enjoy the full support of the local government in order to achieve high quality placements.


It just makes more sense to have volunteers doing things that they are good at. As a volunteer, you are a resource of development. In order to give you every chance of maximizing your contribution to development, you must be placed effectively. In order to be placed effectively, you need to be working in an area that fits your experience.

What skills are relevant?

Almost all university degrees or college status can be applied to development. Even if you are still an undergraduate, the knowledge you possess has practical applications. Almost all professional backgrounds can be made useful to development. If you have other skills and interests, in many cases they can also become effective tools of development.


If you want to find out how your knowledge and skills can be useful: contact us

Tell us about your qualifications, your employment history and any other skills you possess.  We will help you discover how your abilities can be made relevant to development in Uganda.

Based on the information you provide us with, we will find you a suitable volunteer placement.

This really is the most effective way to volunteer and it does not cost you anything to find out what you could be doing. So pick up the phone or write us an email.

 You must know before you come

The very nature of our 'tailor made' volunteer program ensures that you will be placed in a suitable position.

For our 'fixed' volunteer positions, we do make sure that the experience and education of our volunteers fit the demands of the role they have applied for. As a rule, the level of your experience will reflect the caliber of your position.


However, there are some practical requirements that are quite essential:

You should understand that Africa is a challenging place to be. It is not always easy to communicate with the locals and there will not always be other volunteers positioned near you; in these circumstances you might be the only non-Ugandan around. This can prove to be a major advantage, but can also be difficult to readjust to. Not everybody is fit to come to Africa. You need to keep in mind that Uganda can be both physically and mentally very challenging. BoHU does not 'screen' volunteers. We assume that you already wanted to come to Uganda to volunteer, and we just function to make sure you get the most out of your time. We are always available in Uganda for practical support and we will keep in close touch to see how you're doing, but the overall challenge is your own responsibility.


You must arrange proper health insurance for yourself. Please understand that BoHU does not insure any unexpected costs, medical or otherwise, for you. We can, however, recommend you some reliable hospitals while here in Uganda.


The fee that you pay us is primarily to cover our running costs. We cannot offer a refund if your stay in Uganda is not what you expected it to be, or if problems arise out of our control. However, if there are any mistakes made on our side, of course we will refund you the money. (The fees that you pay in to BoHU cover your food, laundry, accommodation, electricity and water bills for domestic use)


Want to participate in the tailor –made placements?

E-mail us your resume, skills and experience to: beaconyouths@yahoo.com

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