If you really want to experience a challenge, Dare You Face The Man Camp?

Dare You Face The Man Camp?


For centuries it has been the tradition in many races for young males to have to prove themselves before being initiated into manhood, there are many traditions and almost every tribe in Africa has its own. Part of the tradition of the Buganda tribe was to send young men into the forest with nothing but the clothes they stood in, No weapons, no food or water, nothing!


They had to stay in the jungle, make shelters find food and keep themselves and their clothes clean and smart, only those that emerged from the jungle after one week, clean properly fed and watered and having demonstrated that they had build good and proper shelter were considered to have passed the test and were initiated into manhood and became the alpha male, a true Warrior of the tribe which carried with it honor and respect.


Here at BoHU we are proud of our race and traditions and we like to keep those traditions alive. We also know that “Mzungus”, the Ugandan name for white people, also love our traditions and MAN CAMP is in response to many requests from past volunteers both male and female who have wanted to experience this very special adventure. We believe that what we offer is a pretty special and probably unique experience.


BEFORE THE CAMP: Participants are given basic instruction and basic skills they will need to survive, shelter building, where to find water, what plants are edible etc. They are then taken into a forest and left there for 3 days and those who show that they can survive will be awarded a certificate to show exactly what they have achieved. All those who enter will find this a life changing experience. It helps confidence and team building. As the participants are never left on their own we need a group of at least 4 people to do this, preferably more, This for western society, where everything is so easily and freely available, where only a very few have ever had to source their own food and virtually everyone has water on tap is perhaps the ultimate challenge.


You will not be as on a TV show given food for challenges rather the whole adventure will be a challenge. You will have to hunt or gather food, make fire and prepare and cook it yourselves. You will have to find water to drink from streams or from the plants you have been shown and of course you will have to build your own shelters from the material that the jungle provides. You will be expected to not only feed yourselves but to bathe and keep yourselves clean and smart.


The only difference between your experience and that of the young men of the Buganda tribe in the past will be that you will be left with your mobile phones to use only in an emergency so that help can swiftly arrive if there is any emergency. This is purely a safety precaution and so far nobody has ever had to use one. The only other differences are that you can choose between a three or five day challenge, and that both men and women can participate in the challenge.


On emerging from the jungle and celebrating your completion of the challenge with a nice cold beer you will be awarded one of the most sort after BoHU MAN CAMP CERTIFICATES which will leave you the envy of your friends and you feeling, a different better and more confident person. This is the opportunity of a lifetime which you can only participate in if you choose to volunteer with BoHU.


The cost of this fantastic challenge, and once more the profits from it go directly to the projects you have been working on is $300 per person and it needs at least four people participating for safety reasons, in the past groups of mates have had just the most fun doing this.


Contact us, if you want to participate in this: beaconyouths@yahoo.com

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