BoHU Northern-Eastern-Uganda HIV Awareness Football Tour 2013

Between September and October, BoHU will carry out its first ever HIV/AIDS Football Awareness project – which will be organized in partnership with various organizations and stakeholders.

In September, a team of 5-10 intrepid international and local volunteers will set off on a one month HIV/AIDS awareness football tour of Northern Uganda. Traveling to Gulu district, then to Kitgum and Pader districts before turning to Tororo. Over the course of the one month, the project team will take part in several HIV awareness events and play many games and also get involved in several activities aimed at spreading the message of prevention of HIV/AIDS through our campaign- “Zip-Up!”.

Each event will be carried out in collaboration withan established local NGO, ensuring that the event is geared for the specific needs of the local community. The events will vary enormously in terms of size and style, with venues ranging from organized national stadium to dirt pitches with no proper goals or markings.

As well as taking part in football matches, the team will also take part in HIV awareness seminars and workshops, street parades, cultural evenings and schools visits - all designed to increase people’s awareness and understanding of HIV and AIDS and to challenge people to take positive steps to protect themselves against the disease.

The project team will also distribute leaflets and posters and other materials to help raise AIDS awareness, and also a huge amount of sports equipment - hoping to help local partners to continue to run similar events in the future, and encouraging the local community to take part in the activities.

At the end of the project, the team will return to Mukono town weary and exhausted, but also filled with a considerable sense of achievement. The last week of the month will be left for international volunteers to take a tour to other parts of the country especially the west and they will be getting ready to go back home. Over the course of the events, the volunteers will win a huge number of friends, and will be able to convey vital messages to more than 10,000 people.

To take part in this project, please apply to our Volunteer Work-Camp of September 2013- Contact:

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